Delivering Innovative Digital Workflow and Data Management Software, turning Data into business intelligence and harnessing knowledge that has impact


We increase the probability of projects being delivered on time and on budget

Our system is profile and job function driven
The system knows who you are, your job function, area of responsibility and your work focus. 36% of organisations do not have the tools to extract information from their data. FNVi does this for you; we track the tasks not the paper increasing efficiency and profits.
Our cutting edge technology dramatically improves communications to all project team members throughout the full project cycle, allows easy exchange of information and integrates with any computer systems in the market.

Owner/operators & contractors

FNVi can be used by both owner/operators, as well as contractors to effectively monitor, manage and control from any location. Drag and drop functions easily allow tasks to be prioritised and if necessary re-assigned with immediate effect.

Real progress

Once a task is assigned, workers will have up to date drawings and documentation relevant to the task at their fingertips. Live queries, punch lists, photos, can be made onsite and the data is shared instantly with the relevant engineers.

Secure and reliable

9 point authentication and latest Blockchain technology as used by all the major big data companies including UK.GOV, HMRC & DVLA. Hosted using cloud-based services; offering increased security protection, the ability to handle large volumes of traffic and excellent reliability.

Geo Mapping

Our unique Geo mapping shows accurate equipment locations and real time mapping of active personnel. Every activity is tracked so that you can see when, where, and by whom each piece of equipment is worked on, witnessed and signed off.

Device free

FNVi does not require you to purchase any particular user device. Unlike other unreliable app based systems FNVi is web-based and can therefore be accessed from any device that can connect to the internet ie tablet, phone, laptop, desktop.

Offline capability

FNVi is web-based with offline capability for when you can’t access the internet. Data is stored locally on the device and then synched back to the cloud when an internet connection is available.

Live language messaging

The unique ability to message between users in any given language. Type in your language and the other user will receive it in their chosen language. Priceless on global projects.

Dashboard & reporting

Dashboard charts will visually collate your data on one screen to help you make better decisions. Individual users can easily build and generate custom reports to get the most out of the data.


FNVi team have built a “Big-Data” SaaS based platform with the latest technology utilised by the likes of big data users Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Complete visibility and traceability at your fingertips

User-friendly drag and drop functionality allows for rapid allocation of tasks, delegation of responsibilities and reassignment. In built multi language messaging and project wide alert system.


A global project team connected in real time and in any language to improve accountability, decision-making and outputs.