Legacy system or next Gen Project Management

Legacy systems are often mistakenly held onto way past their ‘use by date’ for a variety of reasons, resulting in poor project communication, inaccurate forecasts, reduced content value and a plethora of hidden costs. Decision makers often believe the effort to move to the latest technology system will not yield a positive ROI – “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” but what does not broken potentially look like  . . . . . .

Bums on seats . . . . People overseeing the system have done for years and as well as not knowing anything different and therefore not realising the benefits of new technology, they may also be thinking of job security. ‘Will I still be needed if we bring in this new technology?’ These guys are often the first people decision makers turn to for advice on new systems and are often the first to criticise something new that they’re not familiar with.

Too costly to replace . . . True costs of running with a legacy system are often hidden at first glance. People assume that a new system is going to incur a large lump sum system fee in addition to individual user fees, training fees as well as the associated man-hour costs for staff to go through the training days etc. The hidden costs of the legacy system can often be comprised of many hours spent collating inefficient data, compiling and recompiling needless inaccurate data packs and reports and costs spent on sending ‘system experts’ around the world for project set-up and close out.

Legacy systems have come a long way to entrench themselves almost indivisibly in organisations, making managers and investors equally bewildered as to whether and when to replace them.

The difficulty of replacing legacy systems along with the perceived risks involved has led companies to stagnation, unable to solve the dilemma, allowing others to have the competitive edge.

The good news is that this will no longer be a problem, FNVi seamless project start up means data from engineering lists and/or any commercial ERP software system on the market such as SAP, Maximo, Dynamics is easily exchanged and project ready in days not months.

Transparent pricing means project set-up is not only quick and easy to see where and what costs will actually look like, but there are also no hidden costs for training, and no hidden hardware or software requirements. Minimal training is required and completed remotely online. FNVi Accord is web-based and can therefore be accessed from any existing device that can connect to the Internet.

Security should be top priority and therefore we use a 9 point military grade verification system to ensure you data is kept safe at all times. We use the latest Big Data IoT technologies developed by CERN, Amazon and Google, which can handle Mega project data in less than a blink of an eye.

If you’re a forward thinking business and you would like to see the advantages and project cost savings the most advanced and user friendly project delivery completion system on the market can provide, contact FNVi now for an online demo.