The Company History

The company was formed in October 2014 and now employs a wealth of developers and industry experts with global experience. Their main focus is developing web applications that support teams involved in the inspection, testing and maintenance of large installations across a plethora of industries.

FNVi are housed in a building of historical importance in Queens Square Middlesbrough, UK. The building was originally built by and was the home of the “founding fathers” of Steel in Middlesbrough, Bolckow & Vaughan Co. Being one of the oldest buildings in Middlesbrough it has a rich history of ownership.

One of those owners, Tees Towing Company, installed a window in their offices dated 1906 featuring a Seahorse and the Latin phrase, Facta Non Verba. Facta Non Verba “FNV” is a well-known phrase, and its translation, “Deeds not Words”, can be commonly interpreted as a response for “don’t tell me about it, show me it”. This is something that reflects our business as there are many instances in projects where this has been quoted to a contractor by the Manager, and the actual “deed” was found not to have been done.

“The FNVi team have built a ”Big-Data” software as a service (SaaS) based platform that enables rugged tablet computers to operate in the field irrespective of network availability. The development began at a pivotal time because traditional software development is undergoing rapid change. FNVi were able to harness the very latest cutting edge development tools and embed them into their development cycle creating a must have disruptive technology.”

Danny McGlade, Director, FNVI