Software as a Service

  • Global access (No software installation needed).
  • Choice of content delivery (Internet or intranet).


  • Provide project inception tools that can ‘de-risk’ projects.
  • Enable a LEAN methodology that drives efficiency.
  • Break cycle of repeating lessons learnt.


  • Latest CERN, Google, Amazon technology.
  • Perfectly suited to document handling.
  • Quicker, smarter and simpler applications.
  • Early adopters will become market leaders.


  • Multi-platform (tablet, mobile, laptop, desktop).
  • Web browser (Chrome) service.
  • Turns data into information.
  • Information adds business value.

Maximum Security

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Amazon Web Services
Automatic data backup
Data stored in different locations as best practice for disaster recovery
We check and maintain data integrity
Independent verification
9 Point Authentication
Block chain technology - 256 bit status word token